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About us

Our Story

The name AmberPickups stands for high-quality pickups that convince with their extremely good sound characteristics. Our work is based on our own sound ideas, visions and comparisons with historical instruments. From this fund we draw ideas for new products or gain knowledge to better understand historical models.


For the development and design of pickups, for example, this means that we pay particular attention to achieving a high degree of transparency and the greatest possible dynamic behavior with perfect response.


This has enabled us to set milestones, such as the

94 Classic (1994), which is now also built by many other major pickup and guitar manufacturers; or the wax-free construction principle for humbuckers (2007), which reconciles the special sound standard of a vintage pickup with modern requirements.

Today, we also work with physicists, laboratories and engineers to gain new insights, develop and implement ideas or optimize manufacturing processes.


Besides the few standard models that we show here on the web presentation, we also build many special models for various guitar manufacturers in Germany and Europe.


Probably you have already played one or the other guitar equipped with Amber pickups. In any case, we are happy when our pickups enrich your sound and you have even more fun playing your guitar!


Your team from AmberPickups


Fabian Wolter, Wolfgang Damm, Kerstin, Robert & Yvonne

Our Clients

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