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Offset guitars are a distinctive and iconic type of electric guitar known for their unique body shapes and versatile tonal characteristics. 

Offset guitars are characterized not only by their appearance, but also by their unique pickup configuration and wiring. These guitars are often equipped with single-coil pickups that deliver bright and clear tones, but with a wider body that offers a different tonal character compared to other guitars with single-coil pickups. With the additional switches and controls on the Offset models, guitarists can access a wide range of sounds, making them highly adaptable to different styles of music.

AmberPickups offers a variety of offset pickup models so that you can get the best sound from your guitar!

JazzLeader 58

The JazzLeader 58 is a pickup that retains the unmistakable and characteristic sound of the Jazzmaster®, but with a stronger bass and clearer, more precise mids compared to conventional Jazzmaster® pickups.

JazzLeader 65

For those who want to make their Jazzmaster® sound even bigger and more powerful!

JazzLeader 90

Fat P90 sound in JazzLeader format? No problem!

With their unpolished and distinctive sound, the JazzLeader 90s offer crisp overdrive sounds without losing clarity and definition.

"ModMaster Studio" Options 

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